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February 21, 2024

Medical Lake

FEMA Declaration Signed for Gray & Oregon Road Fires

President Biden signed the FEMA Declaration for the Gray Rd and Oregon Rd August 18, 2023 Spokane County Fires. This comes as good news for those impacted. 

FEMA has contacted local emergency management, Salvation Army Case Workers, and the Spokane Region Long Term Recovery Group (SRLTRG). Our goal is to coordinate with FEMA and assist survivors in navigating systems and discovery resources that aid in the best outcomes for each person.

Survivors of the Oregon Road Fire in Elk, WA and Gray Road Fire in Medical Lake, WA are now eligible to apply for federal funding for disaster recovery assistance.

Step 1

Register with FEMA through local case managers who can help you navigate the forms OR go directly to the FEMA website to register (4759 | Please register as soon as possible!

You may contact the following Salvation Army Disaster Case Managers to register:

Medical Lake, WA Gray Road Fire Disaster Case Managers:
Alaysha Cavitt-Breithaupt, Case Manager
Office: 509-325-6810
Cell: 509-263-1957

Bill Shields, Case Manager
Office: 509-325-6810
Cell: 509-389-6286

Elk, WA Oregon Road Fire Disaster Case Managers:
Don Simpson, Case Manager
Office: 509-325-6810
Cell: 509-389-6470

Lynna Macleod, Case Manager
Office: 509-325-6810
Cell: 509-315-7594

Step 2

FEMA work force will be in Spokane within the next few days and will be contacting those who have registered (Step 1).

Step 3

FEMA will have people in Spokane County within a few days of 2/21/24 and will set up an incident command center to assist with Individual Assistance. FEMA’s local resource center will have information on how survivors can seek very low interest mortgage loans. If you need a loan to rebuild, this is your best resource and opens up other options.

FEMA Disaster Recovery Center Sign