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May 22, 2024

Medical Lake

Asbestos Surveys Due by 6/30/24

Asbestos surveys must be completed soon! After June 30th, disaster assistance funds for reimbursement, and surveys performed by Spokane County contractors will no longer be available.

Considering the disaster declaration, Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency (SRCAA) has allowed an extended timeframe for completing surveys. The potential health and safety concerns associated with unidentified asbestos in the debris cannot go unaddressed indefinitely. Please be considerate of your neighbors and community members and utilize funding opportunities while they are still available. If you removed your debris without getting a survey, you are still required to obtain a survey to ensure no asbestos was left behind.

In June, SRCAA will begin issuing notices to property owners with a deadline to complete the asbestos survey. Not meeting the deadline may result in a monetary civil penalty.

A gloved hand holding a sample of asbestos.