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January 23, 2024

Medical Lake

Your support is needed on these upcoming House Bills

We are looking for support on the following House Bills:

  • 1952, establishing a statewide long term recovery group and creating a disaster playbook.
  • 1899, ensuring communities can rebuild to current code standards after damage or destruction from wildfires (new energy code waiver)
  • 1402, allowing local governments to adjust urban growth areas to account for land that has not developed or will remain undeveloped.
  • 2020, creating public infrastructure assistance for disaster related damage.

We are also looking for support on the following Senate Bills:

  • 5875, balancing energy code requirements with affordability, cost, and feasibility.
  • 5682, concerning policing costs driven by proximity to state hospitals.
  • 5834, relating to urban growth area land swaps.

We encourage citizens to visit where they can learn about these bills, contact their legislators, and sign up to participate in a committee hearing.

The mayor of Medical Lake, Terri Cooper, at a meeting.